söndag 2 december 2007

Miss E the sex guru?

Gjorde ett test på facebook - "What is your ideal lover?" och fick då veta att:

I need "The Flirt"!
When it comes to all things, you want fun. You want someone who can make you moan and laugh at the same time. Your ideal lover has no trouble role-playing, whether it's as common as the naughty nurse or as ridiculous as a Star Wars character. And someone in the relationship has got an awfully big light saber.

Gjorde sedan ett annat test - "What kind of lover are you?" och fick då det här:

I'm "The Guru"!
When it comes to the bedroom, you know everything. From how to please your mate to feng shui-ing the dresser, you could teach a seminar. And maybe you do. For you, sex is about the experience, which you're liable to have had over and over and over. Be proud, this is clearly the coolest answer in this quiz. Unless you lied to get to this answer, then be very ashamed.

Vet inte riktigt hur mycket det där stämmer dock...

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